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  • June 07, 2020 11:30 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    Dear members,

    As the first step of a member-driven effort to address issues of racial injustice and inequality, the Board of Directors of the National Resume Writers' Association is sharing this statement. The board will meet this week to discuss a further plan of action and next steps toward the goal of a more inclusive organization.

    Our clients, our friends, our families, and our colleagues are hurting. If the events of the last few days have taught us anything—it is that.

    It is also clear that many of our members looked to NRWA leaders to take a public stance against racism, and we did not. Many of us assumed it went without saying that we abhor racism in any shape or form.

    Through your comments and actions, we have seen how our assumptions were incorrect and added to your pain—and for that we are profoundly sorry.

    Let us now be clear. The NRWA stands against racism and violence. We stand with our colleagues, clients, and communities of color and believe there is no place for racism in our organization, our industry, our workplaces, or in the world around us. Black lives matter!

    We believe everyone deserves to be judged on their merits, talents, skills, and character, and not the color of their skin.

    Please know we are listening to you, and we will keep listening. We vow to continue learning. We vow to be more inclusive. We vow to do better.

    Individual and unconscious bias and – as an extension – diversity and inclusion are important issues that we must unpack and discuss. These issues, and systemic racism, affect people of color throughout their job search and beyond. Conversations are taking place and awareness is now heightened that prejudices still exist in 2020. Unchecked actions and glossed-over, biased comments got us here, but accountability, deep introspection, hard conversations, and specific actions will help us move forward.

    As career practitioners, we must learn as much as we can so we can help our clients navigate and succeed in these murky waters, and we as an organization support messaging that challenges the status quo and will use our industry influence to directly affect change through initiatives that are being developed in real time. We are a volunteer-led organization, and in this capacity, we are holding discussions regarding our best path forward. We value your feedback as members during this process.

    Black lives are getting a long-overdue spotlight, and we must play our part to amplify the message that systemic racism must end. Then we can begin to heal.


    The NRWA Board of Directors

  • April 21, 2020 11:48 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    In one of our recent Virtual Business Talks, NRWA Past President Mary Jo King, provided some great advice for new business owners during these unpredictable times. Click here for more information on our weekly Virtual Meetings. Here is some of the information she shared:

    What would you advise a new business owner, or one who is seeing a dramatic drop in business, to do?

    a. Don’t give up! People will get their feet underneath them again and business will return. It always does. Our industry can thrive in recession, too.

    b. Offer a resume update or LinkedIn profile service to previous clients.

    c. Apply for unemployment or other government assistance as eligible.*

    d. Reduce your overhead. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but cut all services you don’t absolutely need. Renegotiate debt and contract terms.

    e. Increase your sales average with add-on products or services (LinkedIn SEO, mock phone interview, tip sheets).

    f. Raise your visibility by freshening website content, blogging, posting helpful information on LinkedIn/social media, and updating your Google My Business (GMB) page.

    g. Use the time to upskill by preparing for your NCRW or taking other NRWA training.

    h. Build your local network by volunteering your copywriting skills to your favorite nonprofits, who are adjusting a lot of their messaging right now.

    i. Prepare for more disruption in the fall. Ask your insurance agent about business interruption insurance.

    j. Consider using retirement savings to get by for now if you have the intestinal fortitude for it. I did, back in 2010 and I’ve never been sorry.

    * In addition, the Treasury Department is deferring tax payments without interest or penalties for certain individuals and businesses negatively impacted. Those who are self-employed get paid sick leave in the form of a tax credit.

    Across America, various cities are offering financial aid to specifically help small businesses. Cities like New York will offer no-interest loans to small businesses with fewer than 100 employees that show a reduction in sales since the coronavirus outbreak. Certain cities are also providing grants of up to $6,000 for businesses with fewer than five employees. Freelancers can access this information and see if they qualify through their city’s Small Business Administration office.

  • April 13, 2020 3:36 PM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    With the challenge of social distancing practices and the unprecedented nature of current events, the NRWA is proud to provide two new ongoing opportunities for members to connect with NRWA leadership and your colleagues in the resume writing/career services industry… to ask questions and seek guidance from each other; discuss strategies for how to keep your practice going strong during this national crisis; and plan for ways to deal with the onslaught when you return to work or when business picks back up again.

    The NRWA is offering a series of free, virtual members-only meetings to keep you connected: Virtual Business Talk on Tuesdays

    and Virtual Coffee Breaks on Thursdays

    Check out our Event Calendar for details and to register!

    Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m., ET

    These virtual meetings will hone in on current topics that are on your mind in the midst of the business disruption brought on by COVID-19. Every Tuesday, industry leadership will guide a virtual meeting on rotating topics.

    Thursdays at 3:00 p.m., ET

    Check-in via Zoom to see how your colleagues are doing, share ideas about coping with current and anticipated challenges, and see some friendly (and familiar) faces.

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