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There’s no such thing as a bachelor’s degree in resume writing (yet!), but as a nonprofit association representing 500+ professional resume writers across the U.S. and Canada, we can attest to the growth and continuing opportunities for this growing vocation within the career services industry.

What do resume writers do?

Professional resume writers create career marketing documents that target specific industries to position job seekers for specific roles.

In addition to resumes, resume writers often write other documents that support their clients during a job search – including cover letters, thank you letters, LinkedIn profiles, executive bios or profiles, and more.

Before the writing begins, a writer must first acquire an in-depth understanding of a client’s career history and job search targets. This enables them to create a unique and effective strategy for each job seeker. Then they take care to insert keywords that help the documents perform well against applicant tracking software (ATS) systems and search algorithms, while weaving in language that resonates with the intended reader.

The documents they design are clear, compelling, error-free, and easy-to-read to help their clients land interviews.

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What are the employment options/paths?

Resume writers may work independently as entrepreneurs/small business owners, and many work as sub-contractors to larger firms that offer resume writing, career coaching, or corporate outplacement.

Others offer resume writing as part of a larger portfolio that can include career counseling, coaching, training, recruiting, and public speaking.

Many resume writers juggle both contract work and projects with independent clients.

What skills do resume writers need?

Resume writers must be:

    • Strong writers, editors, and proofreaders.
    • Well-versed in a foundational understanding of resume-writing standards and best practices.
    • Power-users of MS Word, desktop publishing, or word processing applications.
    • Able to communicate with a client to gather information and determine what accomplishments and other aspects of their history would be most valuable on a resume.
    • Passionate about helping others advance their careers.
    • Willing to remain current on labor market, technology and writing trends.
    • Adept at wearing many hats – from sales to marketing to client management – should they choose to open their own independent business.

What career backgrounds do resume writers have?

Resume writers come from a variety of different backgrounds, including recruiting, HR, brand marketing, communications, and journalism.

Many have worked in specific industries – such as information technology, financial services, or healthcare – and write resumes as specialists or niche-industry experts.

What are working conditions for resume writers?

Resume writers primarily work from home, although many do work in corporate or office settings.

While work hours vary from full- to part-time depending on workflow volume, they spend a majority of their day communicating with clients and writing at a computer.

What is the salary potential of a resume writer?

Independent resume writers, and those that hire subcontractors, set their own fees.

Fees often depend on a variety of factors – the complexity of the resume that needs to be written, the writer’s experience, the process the writer uses, and their geographical location.

While not necessarily the norm, many resume writers have built six-figure businesses.

How can a resume writing association support you?

Organizations like the NRWA provide resume writers with support, training, and resources for continuous professional growth within the resume-writing industry.

key over a word cloud of resume conceptsResume writers have access to live instructor-led and virtual self-paced courses, monthly webinars, on-demand educational webinars, and certifications for resume writing and LinkedIn profile expertise that elevate their credibility and signify to job seekers a profound commitment to their craft.

The NRWA offers numerous educational programs in a variety of formats, on a variety of topics.

We have organized tracks for New, Intermediate, and Expert resume writers. For each level, we have noted coursework, on-demand webinars that best align with each level of your professional development.


We are here to help! Reach out at any time to or 443-966-3851.

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