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NRWA: National Résumé Writers Association
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If you are a member or resume-writing client who is working with a professional who is or claims to be a member of the NRWA and would like to file a grievance, please see our grievance procedures.

The NRWA Code of Ethics

Members of the NRWA agree to:

  1. Maintain professionalism when dealing with the public, clients, and colleagues.
  2. Accurately advertise products, services, qualifications, and affiliations.
  3. Remain up to date on resume, employment, market, hiring, and other relevant trends.
  4. Share confidential client information only with express written consent from the client.
  5. Not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, or other protected status or class.
  6. Comply with relevant client agreements, laws, and regulations, including copyright protection.
  7. Respond promptly and appropriately to ethics-related communications from any member of the NRWA board of directors.
  8. Be accountable under the NRWA’s bylaws, standing rules, grievance procedures, e-list procedures, and other policies.
  9. Remove all reference to the NRWA and logos from social and print media if membership lapses.

Reporting violations of the NRWA Code of Ethics:

If you are a client working with a resume writer (or other career professional) who is (or claims to be) a member of the NRWA and you wish to file a complaint, please see our grievance procedures for further instruction. NRWA members may also file a grievance with the NRWA, using the same procedures, if they believe that a fellow member has violated the Code of Ethics.

The NRWA expressly reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member for breaching the NRWA Code of Ethics, including any member who is the subject of a civil or criminal investigation involving acts of dishonesty or moral turpitude or any member who engages in conduct that seeks to harm the reputation of another member, the organization, or the industry at large.

The National Résumé Writers' Association
North Grove Corporate Park, 8120 Lehigh Ave
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