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THE Vivian Belen Award

Lorraine Beaman (top) and  Nancy Grant, 2021 Vivian Belen Award Winners

As one of the NRWA’s original founders, Vivian Belen was extraordinary. A dedicated volunteer, she helped build the NRWA from the ground up and firmly believed in our mission as a nonprofit, member-driven organization for resume writers.

To honor Vivian’s selfless commitment to the NRWA and recognize other volunteers who have followed in her footsteps, the NRWA created the Vivian Belen Award. Past Belen Award recipients exemplify everything she believed in:

  • Adherence to the Code of Ethics she helped to create.
  • Commitment to fairness and integrity.
  • Advancement of the NRWA's mission to mentor and educate.

In 2021, the NRWA recognized two individuals for their commitment to the values that Belen brought forth as a founding member: Lorraine Beaman and Nancy Grant.

As NRWA President in 2020, Lorraine Beaman has many “firsts” associated with her leadership. She created and co-led a recurring series of virtual coffee breaks and business talks to support members and help them serve their job-seeking clients during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

She oversaw the NRWA’s first-ever virtual conference in 2020 and led the organization’s Sponsor & Affiliate Partner Relations efforts, continuing that role in 2021 by spearheading actions to bring new structure and higher professional standards to the affiliate partner program.

Finally, she played a major role in introducing and managing a new program that will provide funds to members in need of financial assistance to access NRWA membership benefits and education. Throughout her board service, Lorraine has risen to every challenge with one question directed at both members and her colleagues: “What can I do to support you?”

Nancy Grant is recognized for her dedication to the task of directing three consecutive NRWA Annual Conferences, all in unprecedented circumstances that called for innovation, critical thinking, and willingness to forge ahead into uncharted waters.

In 2019, Nancy took the helm at the organization’s first-ever Conference-at-Sea, setting sail for the Bahamas on a week-long excursion aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. In 2020, she led the team that launched the NRWA’s first-ever virtual conference amid a global pandemic – and came back to lead another virtual conference in 2021.

Nancy’s dedication to her role, no matter how large the time commitment or daunting the challenge, is a testament to the example set by Vivian Belen as she built the strong and supportive foundation for the NRWA.

- Kathi Fuller, 2021 NRWA President

The NRWA created the Vivian Belen Award to honor those who have given selflessly to the organization,  in many cases, without the “title” of board member. They exemplify everything Vivian believed in. They continue to do her work. To ensure that we follow the code of ethics she helped formulate, practice fairness and honesty, and continue mentoring and educating peers and colleagues.

  • Virginia Franco (2020)
  • Mary Jo King (2019)
  • Michelle Dumas and Sally McIntosh (2018)
  • Jean Austin (2017)
  • Norine Dagliano (2016)
  • Brenda Cunningham and Mary Jo King (2015)
  • Marie Zimenoff (2014)
  • Sophia Marshall (2013)
  • Kathy Harber (2012)
  • Pat Criscito and Kathy Sweeney (2011)
  • Marcia Baker (2010)
  • Donna Tucker (2009)
  • Bonnie Kurka (2008)
  • Sally McIntosh (2007)
  • Kathy Sweeney (2006)
  • Sherri Morgan (2005)
  • Ann Baehr (2004)
  • Sally McIntosh and Linda Matias (2003)

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