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Writing Excellence


Core Training (4-modules)

$595 Members 

$770 Nonmembers

Pricing includes all handouts and access to recorded sessions, which will remain active for 90 days following registration.

Optional Add-on Modules*$150 each

  • College Career Center
  • Workforce Development Center
*Only available to those who have completed Foundations training

Interested in this training, but feel like you can't afford the cost right now? If you apply for and pay with PayPal Credit, you have six months to pay for the program, interest-free. Email 
before you register for details on payment with PayPal Credit.



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With our new on-demand training, learn at your own pace... whenever your schedule allows!

  • Do you make a living writing resumes and cover letters for clients?
  • Are you a coach or advisor who helps job seekers with their resumes and cover letters?
  • Do you teach resume/cover letter classes or workshops?
  • Or are you simply interested in learning about current standards and best practices for writing effective resumes and cover letters?
If you work with resumes and cover letters in any capacity, our Writing Excellence: Foundations course is for you!

We make it easy for you to fit valuable training into your busy schedule. Foundations is offered all year round and you can sign up at any time. Once you’re registered, you can finish the program in a few hours, a couple of weeks, or anytime within 90 days.

Now available on Teachable, a global online learning platform used by millions around the world, the Foundations program is organized into four instruction modules, each one covering a specific aspect of crafting modern resumes and cover letters:

  • Module 1: Discovery Process & Strategy

  • Module 2: Essential Resume Content: Summaries, Experience, and Accomplishments

  • Module 3: Additional Resume Sections & Cover Letters

  • Module 4: Formatting & Writing Quality

Presented by longtime NRWA writing instructor Norine Dagliano, the training is delivered in one-hour recordings, featuring multiple handouts and worksheets to supplement the instruction. Each module concludes with a quiz to test your understanding and provide an immediate refresher of key points presented during instruction.

As a bonus, the curriculum includes a portfolio of case study documents, based on an actual client. Integrated throughout each module, the case study illustrates how various concepts apply in a real-life situation. Before you start the program, you’ll download the case study documents to refer to throughout the course… and beyond.

Once you’ve watched all the recordings and completed each quiz, you will receive a certificate of completion and eight (8) CEUs. Then you’ll have the option of registering for one or two of our add-on modules, each targeting a specific demographic: staff who work in college career centers and workforce development offices.

To review key details about this training program and learn more about your instructor, keep reading... But if you're ready to get started, don't hesitate:

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Recap of What to Expect from Writing Excellence: Foundations for Writing Modern Resumes & Cover Letters

  • More than four (4) hours of instruction across four (4) core modules, with an additional one (1) hour of instruction for each targeted module.

  • PowerPoint slide decks, dozens of worksheets, writing samples, and supplemental resources to accompany each module, plus automated quizzes to assess your understanding.

  • A 30-minute one-on-one mentoring call with instructor Norine Dagliano following completion of the core modules.

  • Certificate of completion and  eight (8) CEUs for completing the four (4) core modules (plus 1 CEU for each targeted module).


    Completion of all four core modules will equip writers with the knowledge and tools needed to craft modern resumes and cover letters that adhere to all the principles and best practices of effective marketing, document strategy, writing quality, and formatting.

    Module 1: Modern Resume & Cover Letter Principles, the Discovery Process, and Planning Document Strategy

    Module 2: Essential Resume Content: Summaries, Experience, and Accomplishments

    Module 3: Additional Resume Sections, Cover Letters, and e-Notes

    Module 4: Formatting & Writing Quality

    *All materials are the exclusive property of the NRWA. Participants may not copy, share, or distribute materials.


    Upon completion of the Foundations training, professionals who work in specialized fields may purchase one or both additional modules, depending on their specific needs:

    College Career Center Module
    This module is designed for college career center staff (and business owners) who assist students by teaching resume/cover letter classes, providing guidance to students, and/or critiquing student documents.

    Workforce Development Center Module
    This module is designed for staff in workforce development centers, employment services offices, vocational rehabilitation centers, and outplacement firms, who assist job seekers with their career transitions.

    Both of these modules are geared toward professionals who may not write resumes and  cover letters, but who instead assist clients by teaching resume/cover letter classes, providing guidance on how to write a resume/cover letter, and/or critiquing client documents. Business owners who work directly with this demographic will also benefit from additional training and resources.

    Instruction will address the challenges and opportunities in working with professionals who may be experiencing recent job loss or who are making a career change. Through the use of case studies, worksheets, and supplemental resources, you will learn how to develop modern resumes and cover letters that illustrate relevant skills and experiences, minimize potential barriers/biases, and position clients to reach their target goals.

    *All materials are the exclusive property of the NRWA. Participants may not copy, share, or distribute materials.


    Norine Dagliano is a Nationally Certified Résumé Writer (NCRW), Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE), DISC Administrator, and sole proprietor of ekm Inspirations, with 30+ years of experience working with job seekers and career services professionals, both experienced and just starting out.

    A sought-after trainer and presenter of resume, job search, interviewing, and career management tools and techniques, Norine has been a featured presenter at multiple NRWA Conferences, as well as the developer/instructor of numerous webinars, including a series for CareerBuilder and DeVry University career services staff. Her training style is pragmatic and high energy, with a little sprinkling of humor and storytelling to keep participants engaged and inspired to learn and grow.

    In addition to designing and instructing the NRWA Writing Excellence: Foundations training program and the NRWA Writing Excellence: Certification Preparation program, Norine is on the NRWA board and has taken an active role in mentoring and training other writers who wish to excel in the field. 

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