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Member Spotlight – Rob Rosales, EZ Resume Services

May 06, 2022 8:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

By Anne Anderson – NRWA Staff Writer

Rob Rosales

Many NRWA members are very familiar with Rob Rosales, especially because of his considerable work on our conference and social media. We not only count on him as past marketing chair; he is president-elect and ethics chair, scheduled to begin his term in the new fiscal year, and already deeply involved in the planning process.

Rob first became involved with the NRWA in 2015 when he left the corporate world and started his business, EZ Resume Services. He says he joined two organizations but found his roots here, where everyone was so helpful and engaging. As he puts it, “This is where I’ve grown up as a resume writer.”

He has recently become a Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW), noting that the achievement is a great confidence booster. He found the feedback very helpful and appreciates the support he received throughout the process from Norine Dagliano’s Writing Excellence program and the conference session on certification. Rob says, “I feel validated by the experience and my skill and the value I give to my clients.”

Rob’s professional background focused on retail sales management, with his early experience at Kmart and San Francisco-based McWhorter’s Stationers, which grew to about 32 locations. He was recruited to join Goodwill of Silicon Valley as a store manager. He became a “fanatic” champion of its mission, earning promotions to district manager and then director, leading the retail division. Now, in addition to running his own business, he is a subcontractor for RiseSmart, an HR and outplacement firm.

Rob’s experience at Goodwill helping people build their skill levels, develop careers, and improve their lives helped shape his decision to become a resume writer and career coach. He primarily serves mid-career to senior-level clients who are business professionals in services, operations, distribution, supply chain, and finance.

Rob especially enjoys working with recent college graduates, helping them build a solid foundation. He says that in the nonprofit world, he learned that we’re all people and have challenges, and how we can pull together to help each other is heartwarming and motivating for him. He finds that philosophy is foundational for the NRWA and draws him to the organization.

Rob sees the NRWA as being at a critical juncture because of the changes job seekers and service providers are facing today. In parallel with his experience at Goodwill, he will be able to apply his strategic leadership skills to this organization – understanding what drives our business, knowing who are customers are, identifying their needs, and building strategies to meet those needs.

He understands this to be a long-term journey, one in which he can help us set our course and one that will meet the needs of the diverse membership. He hopes to continue developing ways for more members to engage as volunteers by carving up the work needed into smaller, digestible bits.

Rob and his wife and three children live in central California’s San Joaquin Valley, relocating after spending several decades in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact Rob at [email protected] or

Anne Anderson is an HR Manager at Charter Spectrum and a professional resume writer. She has been a member of NRWA since 2013. Find Anne online at LinkedIn.

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