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The NCRW Corner: Why Strategy Matters in Resume Writing

November 04, 2022 9:33 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

The NCRW Corner: Why Strategy Matters in Resume Writing

Tips from the NCRW Certification Commission

Editor’s Note: Our Certification Commission team is transitioning this column to a “tips” column. We will feature a preview of essential sections from the NCRW Study Guide for the next several months. Members can access this guide for free at this link.

If you have a question that you want answered by the graders, please email
[email protected].


A Solid Strategy Makes the Resume!

The foundation of a good resume is a solid strategy, which is why it is the topic of the first chapter of the NCRW Study Guide.

In Section I, we learn the key elements that are important when developing a strategy for presenting your client, including positioning them for their target job, the relevant information to include (or exclude), and keywords.

We want the tone/writing to be appropriate for the client’s communication style, and the design should reflect the industry, occupation, and client.

Finally, think of the resume structure as an “inverted pyramid” – the most compelling qualifications, based on the match between their background and experience and the target position, should be on the top. 

We encourage you to open the Study Guide and review Section I – it’s just three pages long but will be a good reminder of why strategy is so important. 

And, speaking of foundations, the first module of the new Writing Excellence: Foundations class is all about strategy – learn why this step is vital, the critical information you need, and, most importantly, how to get that from your clients. Included with class instruction are valuable resources/handouts to aid you in info gathering. Click here for details and registration link.

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