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Writing Excellence

9-Week Live Program

Registration Fees:

NRWA Members $1,595*

*Members who successfully complete the certification preparation program and begin the NCRW certification process within 6 months of the final class will receive a free NCRW sample submission ($75 value).

Nonmembers $1,770 - includes one year of NRWA membership.

Payment options include credit card, check, or PayPal credit.

To use PayPal credit, please register via the link below without paying and email us at [email protected] so we can send you a PayPal invoice.

See the event registration information page for each session for details.

Interested in this training, but feel like you can't afford the cost right now? If you apply for and pay with PayPal Credit, you have six months to pay for the program, interest-free. Email [email protected] before you register for details on payment with PayPal Credit.



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By participating in this training program, you are agreeing to let the instructor/facilitator call you by name during the presentation when addressing questions or sharing information. You also understand that sessions will be recorded and may be made available to other NRWA members/nonmembers, during and after the program is completed, for further review.

Should you wish to remain anonymous, please request this in writing to [email protected] when you register for the course/webinar.

Why Choose the NRWA's Writing Excellence Certification Preparation training program?

We know that writing an exceptional resume and cover letter is no small feat and earning our certification is even tougher!

We created Writing Excellence Certification Preparation to give you, the resume writer, the tools you need to earn the NCRW designation – the ONLY industry credential awarded to those whose work is ABOVE AVERAGE.

Designed around the latest industry standards and best practices for writing resumes and cover letters and taught by an award-winning Nationally Certified Résumé Writer with 30+ years of experience, this training will guide you through all the steps for creating best-in-class documents. You’ll learn how resumes and cover letters have changed and why; how to assess your client and plan an effective document strategy; how to write compelling marketing copy that showcases your clients’ unique value; how to easily create visually impactful documents—and more!

I picked The NRWA to join precisely because I could tell the group had high standards and gave training and support to members. I have consistently seen that since I joined. No other group offered that combination. I certainly wasn't going to pay for a certification test if I hadn't gotten training on the standards being tested, which is why I registered for this program.

Is Certification Guaranteed?

Although not guaranteed, many Writing Excellence Certification Preparation grads have credited this course as instrumental to earning their NCRW and joining the ranks of approximately 75 writers worldwide to hold this prestigious, industry-leading certification.

After completing all the requirements of the program, participants submit a final capstone project/writing sample to the Certification Commission for review. If they receive a “Ready” recommendation from the grader, they may immediately register for the final NCRW exam—knowing that they have acquired the tools, resources, and confidence needed to enable their success.

Should you complete the program and require additional training and support before moving on to the exam, the instructor and/or Certification Commission will provide you with a list of recommended next steps to further develop your skills.

Either way, we guarantee you’ll come away from the program with more tools, resources, and confidence than you did prior to registering.

This program was definitely one of the best investments of time and money that I have ever made. … Since taking the class, I've been getting such wonderful feedback from my clients. I've seen a mixture of awe and respect in their faces. Seriously!  Some have even said that the resume I created for them made them feel empowered and full of potential—as if I'd worked some magic on their psyche.

How Will Writing Excellence Certification Preparation Prepare Me for Certification?

Ideally suited for professional resume writers with at least 2 years of experience writing resumes and cover letters, this program will guide you through each step of writing best-in-class resumes and cover letters.

If you have . . .

  • An understanding of basic resume and cover letter fundamentals.
  • A willingness to accept and apply critical feedback.
  • A desire to take your writing skills from good to great.

then Writing Excellence Certification Preparation is for you!

What Can I Expect from Writing Excellence Certification preparation?

    • Nine instructor-led live webinars (and access to all session recordings for 90 days after the course, nine PowerPoint slide decks, weekly quizzes and writing assignments to assess your understanding, and dozens of worksheets, supplemental resources, and writing samples).
    • In-class participant discussions and Q&A.
    • Mentoring and support from the instructor throughout the training, who will answer your unique and specific questions, provide feedback on homework assignments, and discuss and review your client projects.
    • Access to a personal DISC Behavioral Style Assessment ($97 value).
    • A thorough assessment of your capstone project/writing sample and recommendation as to your readiness to tackle our rigorous certification exam.

Any Perks for Completing Writing Excellence Certification Preparation?

I love this class! I look forward to it each week. Norine runs the class smoothly. With her "roll-call" approach for questions, everyone gets a turn to speak; there is no cross-talking so each person is heard. Her delivery is professional and warm. I cannot say enough about how I am enjoying this class. Well worth the investment!We’re glad you asked!  All students will receive:

    • A badge to feature on their website and marketing materials indicating they completed formal training on modern resume and cover letter standards and best practices.
    • An electronic copy of the NCRW Study Guide.
    • Announcement in the Midweek Memo that they fulfilled all the training requirements
    • Free registration for an NRWA webinar of your choice.
    • Leads to potential subcontract writing assignments.

Start early! Download the NCRW Study Guide* and begin studying today!

*NCRW Study Guide download is exclusive to NRWA members-only.


Week 1: Writing Excellence Standards/Best Practices and The NCRW Process

Week 2: Planning the Resume Strategy

Week 3: The Professional Experience Section – Job Descriptions

Week 4: The Professional Experience Section – Accomplishments

Week 5: The Resume Headline and Professional Summary

Week 6: Optional Resume Sections

Week 7: Resume Formatting

Week 8: Professional Job Search Letters and e-Notes

Week 9: Plain Language Writing Techniques, Proofreading, and Editing


Norine Dagliano is a Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW), Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE), DISC Administrator, and sole proprietor of ekm Inspirations, with 30+ years of experience working with job seekers and career-services professionals, both experienced and starting out.

A sought-after trainer and presenter of resume, job search, interviewing, and career management tools and techniques, Norine has presented at multiple NRWA Conferences and developed and instructed numerous webinars, including a series for CareerBuilder and DeVry University career services staff. Norine's pragmatic, high-energy training style, sprinkled with humor and effective storytelling, keeps participants engaged and inspired to learn and grow.

In addition to designing and instructing the NRWA Writing Excellence program, Norine is on the NRWA Board of Directors and has taken an active role in mentoring and training other writers who wish to excel in the field.

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