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Webinar Recording: Marketing and Writing the Value-Add 30-/60-/90-day Plan: “From Interview to Offer” ★

  • July 17, 2015
  • December 31, 2025
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Marketing and Writing the Value-Add 30-/60-/90-day Plan: “From Interview to Offer”

A Strategic Career Tool that Optimizes Interview Success

Jan Melnik, Absolute Advantage

Originally recorded on July 16, 2015

Would you like to offer clients a valuable-but-underutilized career tool that can help them advance in the interview process? Do you want to provide clients with a strategy that can increase the likelihood of “getting to the offer”? Would you like to learn how to market and write this powerhouse tool that can retail in the $1,200–$1,800 range?

Jan will teach you how to educate your clients about the value of the 30-/ 60-/90-day Plan. You will learn how to market and price this strategic, add-on collateral. And, you’ll learn effective client debriefing strategies and writing techniques essential in creating this customized plan for your clients.

Program Take-A-Ways

  • Introduce the 30-/60-/90-day Plan.
  • Show you how to promote it successfully to your clients.
  • Share key strategies for profitably pricing this effective tool.
  • Teach you the best techniques for debriefing clients in order to obtain salient interview details. 
  • Provide you with step-by-step instructions for writing a 30-/60-/90-day Plan.
This webinar recording is free for members and $19.99 for nonmembers.

Note: The webinar is open to anyone, but the information presented may be better suited to advanced-level practitioners working with senior managers, executives, and chief officers.

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