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Articles from the NRWA Newsletter

  • November 02, 2021 4:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Caitlin Gonzalez, NCRW – NRWA Staff Writer

    Nestled in the cozy mountain town of Crested Butte, CO, known for its winter skiing and spring wildflowers, you will find Kim Ribich diligently writing resumes and coaching clients to help them achieve purposeful, meaningful careers.

    Kim RibichMuch of this is new to Kim; she only recently moved into her Crested Butte home last weekend (at the time of writing this article), and she began her resume writing practice about one year ago. This "newness" symbolizes her adventurous and courageous spirit while also exhibiting how she seeks to maximize all that life offers. What a beautiful combination to gift job seekers as they navigate their journey towards intentional living!

    Kim brings skill in crafting life-changing resumes, a determined work ethic, and a community-centric approach to the NRWA. She "dove right in" to the career services industry in late 2020, and we are so fortunate to have her with us.

    A Passion for Solution-Focused Servant Leadership

    Interested in understanding more about how people think, feel, and behave, Kim achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Alverno College in her home state of Wisconsin. She had intended to go into this field upon graduation but found she felt less suited to orient around problems and preferred to orient around solutions. While she did not become a practicing psychologist, she was spurred into helping professions throughout the nonprofit sector. Her education has remained relevant and helpful throughout her life and work.

    Kim served as a Program Director for Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families, where she pioneered a statewide program to connect and support families adopting children with special needs. Then, after moving across the country to Colorado, she worked on behalf of child and animal protection with the American Humane Association, eventually spearheading the grants program. Kim also worked as Office Manager for Adam's Camp, offering developmental therapy programs and family support to children with special needs.

    Later, an opportunity opened within The Colorado Health Foundation, and she went on to become their Events Manager overseeing all public-facing events, conferences, and training. One of her most significant accomplishments was steering their annual award-winning conference. She noticed many other nonprofits struggling with event coordination and management and was repeatedly asked to help guide external strategy and planning. A new professional challenge then emerged – entrepreneurship.

    The Dawn of Kim Ribich Consulting, LLC

    Kim Ribich Consulting, LLC was born in 2013 to help nonprofits seeking event management expertise. Being able to help more organizations was a fulfilling extension of her events management role at The Colorado Health Foundation. She was also reminded of her "roots" in working one-on-one with people in an advisory role.

    In 2020, she began contemplating a 180-degree career change to pursue individual coaching and resume writing. In June of 2021, she made the leap from full-time event consulting to full-time career service support. It was a natural extension, interlacing together her love of writing and helping others.

    As a resume writer and career coach, Kim guides clients to answer the inspirational and critical question posed by poet Mary Oliver, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" In response, she partners with clients to define a vision of what true success means to them with genuine care, positivity, and commitment to quality results. With this mission set in place, she coaches clients into the next chapter of their careers and helps them develop resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and job search packages.

    "I see myself as a 'theme weaver'—helping articulate someone's career story and unique contributions." Clients have called her a "beacon of hope" during and after this process.

    Kim became credentialed as a Certified Digital Career Strategist by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC) and a Certified Life Coach by Life Coach Training Systems.

    NRWA Involvement – "The NRWA is My People; You're My People!"

    Before launching her resume writing and career coaching services at Kim Ribich Consulting, she came to the NRWA's website to dip her toes in and test out the industry waters. She started by taking the self-directed Resume Writing 101: The Foundations course. "Oh my gosh, I really loved it; [resume writing] has the best of everything," she exclaimed. "It combines my love for writing and helping others." This realization and instant love for the industry left her motivated for more after finishing the initial training. "The rest was history; I was hook, line, and sinker! It has been a whirlwind."

    A whirlwind, indeed! Kim went on to take the Writing Excellence course in early January 2021 and was a certified NCRW by April 2021—no small feat!

    Shortly after, she was tapped on the shoulder for her expertise in event management and joined the Conference Committee to help with the 2021 NRWA Annual Conference. "No experiences or moments are wasted," she explained regarding the full-circle nature of serving with event management within her new industry. You will be seeing her name throughout the 2022 Annual Conference as she helps drive the planning efforts.

    Being in the NRWA has been instrumental in her journey as a resume writer. "Having an association or organization like the NRWA is so great. I don't hesitate to reach out to other members when I have questions, and I have been so instantly welcomed. Everybody has been so open and willing to help."

    Thank You, Kim!

    Kim gives job seekers the support they need when facing career changes and leads by example with her own career journey. She makes a positive impact not only with her words but with her actions. By pivoting careers and moving across state lines to cultivate a life she loves, she also influences others to make courageous choices.

    She also inspires us to get involved and not take this "one wild and precious life" for granted. Within months, Kim joined the NRWA, got certified, and joined the Conference Committee. This motivation is contagious!

    Kim, thank you for all you do for our organization and the clients that you serve!

    You can contact Kim at either [email protected] or

    Caitlin Gonzalez is a resume writer and the founder of Career Over Coffee, LLC in Raleigh-Durham, NC. She specializes in writing for technical professionals after seven years of hands-on IT experience in Corporate America. Find her online at

  • November 02, 2021 3:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Eustacia A. English –  NRWA DEI Columnist

    By day I’m a recruiter, and I enjoy what I do. I get much satisfaction when I can offer a candidate gainful employment and their dream career. In this profession, we face challenges such as a lack of qualified candidates, a lack of diversity in the candidate pool, candidates and/or hiring managers missing interviews, or candidates accepting competing offers (after completing the entire interview process). While these challenges make our jobs as recruiters difficult, I want to discuss an often-overlooked challenge – unconscious bias – in this month’s Perspective.

    Unconscious bias can and does occur during the hiring process. It happens when you form an opinion about a candidate based solely on your first impressions or personal opinions without regard for the candidate's skills or ability. Recruiters and/or hiring managers may make hiring decisions based on subconscious emotion, perception, and stereotypes.

    Did you know there are up to 18 common types of bias in the hiring process? Let’s dig a little deeper on 13 of them.

    1. Affinity bias: Also known as similarity bias, affinity bias can occur when a recruiter chooses a candidate because they share a similar background. We all tend to gravitate toward what and who is comfortable for us. However, hiring someone because they have a similar background or were in the same fraternity or sorority does not focus on the candidate’s skills and experience.
    2. Expectation anchor: You could be making bad hires when you narrow your judgment on a candidate to just a few areas on the resume to form your entire opinion about them.
    3. Confirmation bias: I am a firm believer that first impressions are everything. However, we should not judge a candidate solely based on first impressions, especially if it’s a negative opinion. One should not look for evidence to support your first impression of a person. Instead, focus on the skills and experience of the candidate.
    4. Affect heuristics: At times, our jobs can be repetitive with reviewing resumes and interviewing back-to-back candidates. In this industry, speed is everything. Affect heuristics is rushing to a conclusion about a candidate to narrow down resumes or interview candidates quickly. In doing so, you could potentially make a poor decision based on discriminatory prejudices such as name or background.
    5. Halo effect: If a candidate is strong in one qualification for the position, it doesn’t mean that they are strong in all areas.
    6. Horn effect: In contrast to the halo effect, if a candidate lacks skill in one area, it doesn’t mean that they are a bad candidate.
    7. Overconfidence bias: Great recruiters sometimes believe that they have great “recruiter intuition.” While that may be true some of the time, don’t be so overconfident in your ability that you don’t fully focus on the skills and experience of a candidate.
    8. Negative emphasis bias: Judging someone based on personal attributes is never a good thing. The American Psychological Association suggests that “someone who is 6 feet tall earns, on average, nearly $166,000 more during a 30-year career than someone who is 5 feet 5 inches.” This is irrelevant and holds no bearing on skills and experience to do the job.
    9. Beauty bias: We all know the saying; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unless you are applying for a beauty pageant, beauty should not be a relevant factor during an interview. Studies have shown that attractive people are usually hired sooner, get promotions more quickly, and are paid more than their less-attractive coworkers.
    10. Conformity bias: Peer pressure during a panel interview is the main cause of conformity bias. Hearing the opinion of your peers can sometimes sway your opinion of a candidate.
    11. Contrast bias: You may have an early candidate that sets the bar high, and you may be compelled to compare every candidate you meet to that candidate. Judging someone based on the candidate that came before them is not a fair hiring practice.
    12. Nonverbal bias: This is judging a book by its cover. Nonverbal bias occurs when you use a candidate’s body language to build a story and jump to the wrong conclusion about them.
    13. First impression bias: Deciding on a candidate within the first few seconds of meeting them will never give them a fair chance because you have already made your mind up.

    Now that you have an idea of the unconscious bias that can happen during the interview process, stay tuned as we discuss prevention solutions in a future newsletter issue. As recruiters and hiring leaders, it’s important to focus on a candidate's skills and experience. The tricky part is that we risk unconscious bias when making decisions between successful and unsuccessful candidates. It’s important to remember that when we’re reviewing resumes and interviewing, we should always focus on the candidate’s skills and experience.

    Eustacia English is a new volunteer for the NRWA and writes the Perspective column, which examines Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in resume writing and career strategy. She is a 20-year veteran of HR and talent acquisition and started Resumes on Demand last year. She also writes on DEI for The Black in HR e-zine. She lives with her new husband and two children in Cherry Hill, NJ. Find her online at

  • November 02, 2021 2:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Paul Bennett, NCOPE – NRWA Conference Committee

    It seems we just keep getting better and better at holding virtual conferences! Our 2020 event was excellent, and I found our 2021 experience to be even better. This year, more than 160 of us attended (a pretty good turnout), and in the future, given the size of our organization, I wouldn’t be surprised if that number goes much higher.

    Because so many of us couldn’t make it, as a member of the 2021 Conference Committee, I’d love for all of our members to realize what a fabulous gathering it was. So, here’s my personal experience and summary of the NRWA 2021 Virtual Conference’s “three fabulous Ps”: platform, program, and people.

    We used the Accelevents conferencing system this year (just like last year), and it performed well, with fewer technical glitches this time around and a smoother overall attendee experience. Personally, after just a few minutes of getting used to my surroundings, I felt right at home, and I’m guessing Stringfellow (meaning Addie, Robbie, and Jen) didn’t have to squash too many digital bugs.

    As I expected, the presentations were outstanding, with great breadth and depth of knowledge and a near-continual flow of “value bombs” that made the conference worth far more than the price of admission. Moreover, besides fortifying my skill in resumes and LinkedIn (my own two specialties), they broadened my knowledge of other essential career management areas. As a writer considering expanding his suite of offerings, I need to learn a lot more about the roles of other careers industry specialists such as coaches, recruiters, and career center personnel. Because these professionals are so closely involved in my resume clients’ success, I’m thankful that I gathered insight into what they do through the presentations I attended.

    If you couldn’t make it and would like to see the outstanding lineup of speakers and topics we featured this year, you can download the conference schedule at this link. Recordings will soon be available for purchase on our On-Demand Webinars page!

    Conferencing with one’s professional association is exciting, invigorating, and fun—a welcome respite from today’s world of ubiquitous screens, irritating bots, big data, and manipulative algorithms. And I think that’s true of conferences both in-person and virtual. This year’s vibe was great, with many people contributing to the learning by making insightful chat-stream comments and asking great questions.

    Kudos to several groups of people:

    • The conference committee—led for the third year in a row by Nancy Grant— who did a fabulous job, having started not much after last year’s conference! Nancy’s stepping down from the hot seat, but fortunately, we have another conference planning expert taking her place.
    • The Stringfellow Management Group—meaning Addie, Robbie, and Jen—who outperformed as well, handling countless administrative matters in the months leading up to the event and making sure, from behind the scenes, that the event ran like clockwork.
    • Door prize donors and vendors – They provided more than 30 great prizes this year, and as always, our vendors were a prominent part of the conference as well. Thank you, donors, and vendors.
    • Our attendees – Most importantly, thanks to everyone who attended for making it a memorable experience by bringing along their knowledge, enthusiasm, and sense of humor.

    Looking Ahead
    We’re hoping that next year we can all meet each other (for real) in The Big Easy (New Orleans). However, our two virtual conferences have gone so well that your NRWA leadership is exploring the possibility of having more virtual gigs, even after the pandemic releases us from its grasp. Regardless of whether we meet in person or online, the following glowing feedback and hot numbers should give you a sense of the great NRWA conference experiences awaiting you in 2022 and beyond:

    A few survey responses to “Please tell us about your favorite part of the 2021 conference”:

    • “I was impressed with the quality of speakers and their relevant content. Consistently excellent presentations. Great food for thought.”
    • “All the sessions I attended – they were wonderful!”
    • “All parts exceptional. Loved the extended networking time and topic-specific networking sessions.”
    • “You’re asking for just one? I believe that this year’s mix of presenters and social activities hit the right notes all around! Plus, I’ve made some new friends and potential referral partners!”
    • “I loved all of it.”

    Percentage of attendees who:

    • like the idea of alternating virtual conferences with in-person ones: 86%
    • found using the Accelevents platform to be easy: 92%
    • felt that this year’s conference was great for networking: 92%
    • were “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with the overall experience: 98%

    Yes, you read that right; 98%!

    Hope to see you in New Orleans!


    Paul Bennett has volunteered for the NRWA since 2018 and currently serves as a Director of Member Support for New Business Owners. When not helping job seekers excel in their career marketing activities, Paul enjoys creative writing, cycling, hiking, camping, anything outdoorsy, and chilling with Bingo (his Bichon Frise X miniature poodle). He’s Principal of NOVA Career Strategies in Vancouver, BC. Find him online at

  • November 02, 2021 1:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Amanda Brandon, NCOPE – NRWA Newsletter Editor

    Did you know that when you join the NRWA, you’re not just getting a network of professional resume writers? You’re also getting access to some amazing business building perks. Over the next few issues, I’m going to feature these perks in this space.

    This month’s benefit feature is Distinctive Resume Templates. This resource allows you to receive access to beautifully designed, ATS-friendly Microsoft Word templates for resumes, biographies, cover letters, and other career marketing documents.

    You can join the “Insiders” club at a discount for just $27 for the first month with no obligation. The subscription renews at $47/month after this, or you can cancel with no obligation. Each Insider receives access to four new template collections per month (bios, resumes, letterhead templates, and sometimes other documents too).

    I recently purchased a template package from Distinctive Resumes because I had a client who quickly needed something “executive.” I should have joined the club because I spent the same amount on the templates! I’m signing up for the Insiders perk this month—the templates saved me so much time!

    If you’re interested in learning more about this benefit or other membership benefits, head over to to learn more.

  • October 05, 2021 6:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    Welcome to our new and renewing members for the month of September 2021!

    Feel free to introduce (or reintroduce) yourself via our members-only networking forums: the Member Forum on our website, Facebook group, and LinkedIn group.

    You can find colleagues in your area by searching here.


    • Amber Barney in East Patchogue, New York
    • Maria Barroso in Coral Gables, Florida
    • Jeremy Bernstein - West to East Consulting in Lithia, Florida
    • Deborah Curry in Lanham, Maryland
    • Camille Ehlers in Dallas, Texas
    • Sharyn Grose in Sherman Oaks, California
    • Jennifer Grunwald - University of Connecticut in Hartford, Connecticut
    • Ashley Ifft in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania
    • Julia Kaukinen - Kaukinen Consulting in Kauniainen, Finland
    • Pollyanna Latshaw - Know You Project in Omaha, Nebraska
    • Terry Leja in Chicago, Illinois
    • Timothy Lindner - Revisionary Writing and Editing, LLC in Colonia, New Jersey
    • Shauna Lizzi in Clovis, New Mexico
    • Kaitlin Luna in Westminster, Colorado
    • Ralph Marra in South Setauket, New York
    • Teah McClain in Dallas, Texas
    • Elizabeth Reilly in New Brunswick, New Jersey
    • Marel Stensgaard in Lacey, Washington
    • John Swet - Eagle Sales Resumes in New York, New York
    • Donnella Tilery in Raritan, New Jersey
    • Brittany Towns - The HELP Outreach Center in Randallstown, Maryland


    • Niya Allen-Vatel in New York, New York
    • Shoni Bell - Summit Resume Service in Henderson, Nevada
    • Mary Elizabeth Bradford in Boerne, Texas
    • Amanda Brandon - ProPolish in Divide, Colorado
    • Carol Camerino - Job Seekers Looking For The On Ramp in Chester, New Jersey
    • Fred Coon - Stewart, Cooper & Coon, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona
    • Kristen Coria - Resume Innovators in Branford, Connecticut
    • Tyesha Davis in Fort Worth, Texas
    • Kelly Donovan - Kelly Donovan & Associates in Lake Isabella, California
    • Mir Garvy in Raleigh, North Carolina
    • Bree Gurin - Creative Resumes and Business Writing in Harwinton, Connecticut
    • Joyce Harold - Resumes By Joyce in Norcross, Georgia
    • Kelly Hood in Austin, Texas
    • Michele (McCann) Kelley - CareerPro, Inc. in Newark, Delaware
    • Kam Khare - CStarter LLC in Charlottesville, Virginia
    • Amanda Martin in Brookhaven, Georgia
    • Sari Neudorf - SDN CONSULTING in St. Louis, Missouri
    • Lisa Parker in Claxton, Georgia
    • Jennifer Reule - Precision Writing Services LLC in Orlando, Florida
    • Tifini Roberts - Compass Resumes LLC in Oregon City, Oregon
    • Kareem Rogers in Chicago, Illinois
    • Robert Rosales - EZ Resume Services in Kingsburg, California
    • Rachel Sirca - Fleet Resumes in Marysville, Ohio
    • Alison Smith - Radical Resumes, LLC in Birmingham, Alabama
    • Lydia Snyder - Morongo Tribal TANF in San Bernardino, California
    • Mindy Thomas - Thomas Career Consulting in Media, Pennsylvania
    • Rosa Elizabeth Vargas - Career Steering in Maitland, Florida
    • Amber Vecchio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Marni Vyn - Chosen Resumes, LLC in Grand Rapids, Michigan
    • Emily Warthman - Heiro Consulting LLC in Canal Winchester, Ohio
    • Chelsea Wiltse - Seasoned and Growing LLC in Charlotte, Michigan
  • October 05, 2021 5:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Dr. Cheryl Minnick, NCRW, NCOPE

    Want to present more confidence in your clients’ cover letters? Follow these two tips to grab attention and boost confidence in career accomplishments.

    Tip #1 Do Not Introduce Doubt
    The NCRW Study Guide (SG) states a cover letter’s “main purpose is to grab the reader’s attention and entice them to continue to the resume. If the resume is read first, the cover letter reinforces the client’s qualifications and adds a personal touch to make the reader want to arrange an interview.” A cover letter’s style and tone should be professional and assertively sell the client, not introduce doubt about their candidacy.

    Resume writers introduce subliminal doubt when we use the phrases “I think,” “I feel,” and “I believe” in cover letters. These phrases undermine the statements following them, positioning the candidate as insecure. It is better to omit these phrases to write more confidently. Rather than, “I believe my candidacy is strong,” a writer could state, “I am confident,” “I am convinced,” or “I am optimistic my candidacy is strong.”

    Tip #2 Grab Attention Confidently
    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines an exclamation point as a “mark used especially after an injection or exclamation to indicate forceful utterance or strong feeling.” The SG states that a cover letter should “exude confidence” and “give the client a competitive advantage.”

    Seen as an indicator of emotionality or excitability, research on exclamation marks (Waseleski, 2006) found 73% of exclamation marks are used by women (as a means of friendly interaction), compared to 27% by men. Tannen’s (1990; 2001) research found women communicate to express warmth and build rapport, while men communicate to report information, grab attention, and show power. She coined the phrase “Genderlect” to describe the difference in female and male communication styles … rapport versus report.

    As resume writers, we should limit exclamation marks to deliver a clear, confident message, report information, and grab attention in a professional manner and tone.

    Tanne, D., You just don't understand: Women and men in conversation. New York: William Morrow & Co., 1990, and Tannen, D., You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation, 2001.

    Waseleski, C. Gender and the Use of Exclamation Points in Computer-Mediated Communication: An Analysis of Exclamations, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. P. 1012-1024, July 2006.

    Dr. Cheryl Minnick, NCRW, NCOPE, has been a member of the NRWA since 2005 and has served on the Certification Committee since 2013. For the past five years, she has ensured the NCRW Study Guide aligns with best practices and Gregg Reference Manual updates. She has also served on past committees for Member Support and ROAR Awards. She regularly presents at NRWA conferences on ATS, implicit bias, new grad resumes, and college career center services.

    A veteran of the higher education career development space, Cheryl works as the Senior Career Coach at the University of Montana-Missoula and provides executive career consultations and resume writing for executive career development firms as well as her own boutique business The Paper Trail. Find her online at

  • October 05, 2021 4:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Caitlin Gonzalez, NCRW – NRWA Staff Writer

    Introducing Eustacia English
    Simply put, Eustacia English does it all. She’s a business owner, resume writer, career coach, recruiter, talent acquisition leader, mom of two, and the upcoming published author of the children’s book, Kennedy Meets the President. She is also the NRWA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion columnist – check out her first featured article in this newsletter!

    Eustacia English

    Inspired and energized. That is how I felt after getting to know Eustacia for this month’s Member Spotlight. Read on, and you’ll quickly feel the same.

    A Human Resources Leader
    Eustacia has accumulated 20 years of accomplishments in human resources and talent acquisition. In addition to her hands-on experience, she leverages an MBA from the University of Phoenix and certification as a Contingent Workforce Professional to serve clients across various backgrounds, professional levels, and industries.

    “I just love it – helping people find employment,” she explains.

    Today, she is both a recruiter for The Black in HR and a talent acquisition lead at Accolade. At The Black in HR, she partners with companies hiring with intentionality to support diversity and inclusion. At Accolade, she improves the health care process by hiring the very best clinical professionals. For both, she delivers skillful networking, relationship building, mentorship, and job placement.

    A Resume Writer & Career Coach
    Eustacia has been writing resumes for as long as she can remember. From a young age, she wanted her family and friends to have the money they needed to do the things they loved, and this mindset has been with her throughout her whole career.

    In 2020, she launched Resumes On Demand to provide job seekers with a one-stop-shop for their career transition needs. Whether helping clients define their unique career requirements or navigating final salary negotiations, Eustacia delivers end-to-end support for her clients with her extensive HR background.

    Her favorite part of Resumes on Demand is helping people land the job offer of their dreams. “Especially working with women – they tend to lowball themselves – and I tell them, ‘We’re not doing that anymore,’” she says. “I’m so happy to be in a position to help people get the compensation they deserve by preparing them for interviews and giving them confidence with the right resume.”

    A DEI Champion
    Certified in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace, Eustacia advocates the importance of inclusive career services. She fosters awareness of people’s differences by writing to educate readers on critical topics. Her passion for this topic began with the death of George Floyd in May 2020. “People don’t know what they don’t know, and I want to raise that understanding,” she said. She serves as a volunteer writer for The Black in HR’s e-zine.

    The NRWA is excited to have her contribute to the new Perspective column – a timely kickoff, as October is Global Diversity Awareness Month. We can expect to see articles on important subjects, including mental health, LGBTQ+, and human rights.

    On A Personal Note
    In her free time, you can find Eustacia with her family in Cherry Hill, NJ, or jet-setting on a new adventure. Recently married (congratulations!) and a proud mom, she and her family explore local activities like skating or going to the zoo. She is looking forward to upcoming trips to both Costa Rica and Las Vegas!

    Kindness, Positivity, and Empowerment
    The accomplishments above are merely a snapshot of the impact Eustacia has on communities. Indeed, she is a change-maker in people’s lives, and her dedication equips people to land jobs confidently while also enlightening peers on inclusive, welcoming cultures.

    Her presence – filled with kindness, positivity, and empowerment – is a gift to not only job seekers and employers but to all of us within the NRWA. Thank you for all that you do, Eustacia!

    You can reach her on LinkedIn at

    Caitlin Gonzalez is a resume writer and the founder of Career Over Coffee, LLC in Raleigh-Durham, NC. She specializes in writing for technical professionals after seven years of hands-on IT experience in Corporate America. Find her online at

  • October 05, 2021 3:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Eustacia A. English, NRWA DEI Columnist

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion! What comes to mind when you hear these words? Involvement, belonging, equality, variety, embodiment, and cultural differences are just some thoughts I’ve heard from people. For me, diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having that voice be heard. Inclusion is what makes diversity work.

    Why should we even care about diversity? “A diverse and inclusive workplace is the best way to increase performance and innovation. Aside from business benefits, diversity and inclusion are important to keep campaigning for in society as a whole,” as stated in Diversity in Tech based in the UK.

    Just imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same, believed in the same things, dressed the same way, or spoke the same way with no differences. Diversity fosters a different perspective because we all think differently and have had different life experiences.

    October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, and I can’t think of a better month to start this column. This month and this column are about celebrating and appreciating our differences. This recognition month promotes knowledge of and respect for different cultures.

    According to Alliant International University, “There are a lot of factors that play into diversity—some things are visible on the outside, but others are just a part of the way people were born. These distinctions are the grounds for how the four categories of diversity (internal, external, organization and worldview) were created.”

    One of our initiatives at the NRWA is to foster awareness and appreciation of diversity. I aim to educate and enhance awareness. Having diversity, equity, and inclusion will improve the balance of opinions and views in any setting. A well-balanced world will accept different opinions and cultures, and reduce fear surrounding our differences. This column will give you a shot of perspective and a direction to dig deeper. It’s about building spaces of belonging. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

    Aside: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
    September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrates the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans whose ancestors come from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Hispanic Heritage Week began with a Congressional declaration in 1968 and expanded to a month in 1988. The celebration starts in the middle rather than the beginning of September because it coincides with national independence days in several Latin American countries. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica celebrate theirs on September 15, followed by Mexico on September 16. Chile celebrates on September 18, and Belize on September 21. Think about some ways you can celebrate diversity this month. You can cook a cultural meal, attend a cultural art exhibit, play music from around the world, support minority-owned businesses, or be intentional about getting to know a colleague of another culture.

    Eustacia English is a new volunteer for the NRWA and writes the Perspective column, which examines Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in resume writing and career strategy. She is a 20-year veteran of HR and talent acquisition and started Resumes on Demand last year. She also writes on DEI for The Black in HR e-zine. She lives with her new husband and two children in Cherry Hill, NJ. Find her online at

  • October 05, 2021 2:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Rob Rosales, NCOPE – NRWA Marketing Chair

    Are you a new resume writer looking for ideas to market your services? Are you a more experienced writer looking to expand your business and attract new clients?

    As the only national nonprofit organization supporting professional resume writers, the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) exists to help you!

    I am excited to share with you three ways the NRWA can help you market your business.

    Ask The Experts Blog

    The NRWA has a “Virtual Ask the Experts Portal” for members of the NRWA to share their expertise and answer questions from job seekers. The selected responses are published on our website blog page in addition to social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    How does this help you market your business?

    As a contributor, some of the perks of answering questions include:

    • A personalized URL to use for promotion on social media. Your URL includes your name so you can enhance your brand and marketing efforts. For example,
    • An avenue to drive traffic to your member profile, your website, and boost your SEO.
    • Exposure to potential clients who may find your advice impactful.
    • An opportunity to market yourself as a career expert.
    • A platform to build your credibility by providing valuable career-related advice to job seekers.
    • An Expert Contributor badge to display on your website, signature line, and other marketing materials.

    New questions are posted at the beginning of each month. Members have until the end of the month to create and submit their responses. Follow the link here to get started now!


    Starting in 2020, the NRWA began publishing a new e-book annually with a fresh collection of advice and insights for resume writers to use and pass on to their clients. All selected “Ask The Expert” contributors are listed in the e-book along with their contact information.

    Your NRWA Member Profile

    As a member of The NRWA, your name and contact information are added to our online database so that potential clients can find you. Job seekers can search our database by state, name, or specialty. Your member profile displays your email address and website URL so potential clients can easily contact you. Clients can even send you an email directly from your profile!

    To increase your chances of getting contacted by clients, you should:

    • Update and optimize your profile to show your value.
    • Include a professional photograph (think LinkedIn).
    • Speak to your target audience and describe your unique qualities.
    • Start here to update your profile now!

    Future Marketing Initiatives

    As the only national nonprofit organization supporting professional resume writers, the NRWA is committed to you! We are currently developing several national marketing initiatives to increase your exposure nationally and become recognized as the go-to experts for job seekers.

    Stay tuned!

    Rob Rosales, NCOPE, has been a member of the NRWA since 2015 and has served on the Board as Marketing Chair since 2018. He provides resume writing, job search strategies, career marketing, and career transition coaching to clients nationwide, from college graduates to senior-level professionals. He owns EZ Resume Services in Kingsburg, CA. Find him online at

  • October 05, 2021 1:00 AM | Administrative Manager (Administrator)

    By Amanda Brandon, NCOPE – NRWA Newsletter Editor

    Did you know that when you join the NRWA, you’re not just getting a network of professional resume writers? You’re also getting access to some amazing business building perks. Over the next few issues, I’m going to feature these perks in this space.

    This month’s benefit feature is This resource allows members to give their clients a DISC profile (a widely used hiring tool) that reveals their communication styles. As your client’s “ghostwriter,” you can confidently use appropriate keywords and descriptive phrases directly from this report.

    The DISC report is also helpful for your clients to identify answers to interview questions and better describe themselves in networking conversations.

    I recently added this service to my client intake process, which has improved my targeting and coaching! My clients love the visibility into their communication strengths. I’ve often used it to help clients identify new career paths after being in the same roles for 15-20 years.

    Here’s how this benefit works:

    1. You order the DISC profile at this link and input your client’s information.
    2. Your client automatically gets an email with a link to the assessment.
    3. You also enter your email to receive the results.
    4. When your client completes the assessment, you receive a notification with a PDF of the profile.
    5. You can also download a consultation worksheet to coach your clients through their results here.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this benefit or other membership benefits, head over to to learn more.

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